Deportation of Baden-Baden Jews.

Rabbi Yaacov Gottleib

Author’s paternal great-grandfather Rabbi Yaacov Gottleib.

Teresa Goldberg

Author’s paternal grandmother Teresa Goldberg and his uncle Layosh (Tzvi) Goldberg (later Guiora).

Susie (Neuser) Guiora

Author’s mother Susie (Neuser) Guiora, age 4.

Pal (Paul) and Aranka Neuser

Author’s maternal grandparents Pal (Paul) and Aranka Neuser.


Author (right) with his late cousin Dani in 1962.

Nyíregyháza Holocaust Memorial

Author at Holocaust memorial in his father’s hometown of Nyíregyháza, Hungary in 2016.

Platform 17

Platform 17 from which Berlin Jews were deported.

Bor Release Paper

Author’s father’s release papers from Bor labor camp.

Sandor Goldberg

Author’s father Sandor Goldberg (later Alexander Z. Guiora), age 3.

Budapest Courtyard

Courtyard where the author’s mother was taken to be shot in Budapest, Hungary.


Author’s father’s house in Nyíregyháza, Hungary.

Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust memorial in author’s father’s hometown of Nyiregyhaza, Hungary. The Goldbergs were his father’s parents, murdered in Auschwitz.

Jewish Rabbinical High School

The Jewish Rabbinical High School in Budapest, Hungary where the author’s father studied from 1939-1944.

father with his high school

Author’s father (front row, second from left) with his high school classmates before the war.


The stolpertsteine (“stumbling stone”) in Maastricht for Marcelle Antoinette Devries, whose deportation to Auschwitz is discussed in the book.